Customer Friendly

  • The IXT 7000 Series continues to incorporate SSE's innovative "cut-away corner," which facilitates easy access of the carrier by the customer. Side-opening (standard) and end-opening carriers (optional) are available.
  • Standard mounting base or optional 8" base allow you to position the customer unit at the optimal height to service the type of vehicles most often used by your customers. It also allows you to use different height units for different lanes, while maintaining the same customer interface.
  • Dual high/low stainless steel customer control buttons (Send and Call) make the system easy to use by customers in a wide range of vehicles.

Engineered for Performance

  • High performance "PowerTwin" Turbine and "Smart Relay" technology provides maximum transport capacity and reliable operation.
  • Integrated "soft landing" feature extends carrier life and reduces system wear.
  • Low-maintenance cabinet exterior retains like-new appearance and maximizes durability.

IXT 7000 Pneumatic Tube Carrier

Custom Colors

The IXT 7000 Series Customer Units can be customized to match brand or architectural colors: Select a color for the base unit and another color for the two accent panels. Choose from over 75,000 color combinations.

The base unit panel comes with a standard powder coated black exterior. The audio/video panel and lower accent panel come with stainless steel as shown to the left.

Enhanced Customer Communication

Banking is a relationship business, and the IXT-7000 is a powerful tool for building total customer satisfaction and loyalty. Provide your drive-up customers with unobstructed views and clear two-way communication with the IXT-7000's innovative design and technology. Utilize the IXT-7000's enhanced video capabilities to keep customers informed and cross-sell your services.

Exceptional Flexibility

  • Available in Upsend and Downsend, 4" and 4-1/2" tube configurations
  • Cost-efficient design allows for installation of *optional video capabilities at any time, without purchase of additional video stand or cabinet.

Compact Footprint

Installs easily on islands as narrow as 24"

Easy To Service

  • Completely serviceable from the front and sides eliminates the need for unnecessary lane obstruction by service personnel
  • Blowers are located in the customer unit, which lowers installation cost and eliminates the need for canopy access.

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