Portable Vaults and Safes

One size fits all is not necessarily a good thing — especially when it comes to Safes and Portable Vaults. Space is always at a premium and many times you're faced with real building constraints. At SSE, we understand these challenges. Our equipment professionals help you design a safe that brings together the appropriate security level, with the required functionality, and desirable aesthetics — in a configuration that fits the space available — with a cost-effective, custom solution.

Features & Options:

Safes and Portable Vaults are available with:

  • TL-15 and TL-30 UL-listed configurations available
  • Custom sizes
  • Right-hand or left-hand swing doors
  • Custom Interiors
    • Teller lockers
    • Cash/coin lockers
    • Currency drawers
    • Depository receiving safes
    • Heavy-duty fixed or adjustable shelves
    • Finished open spaces
    • Pull knobs
  • Alarm devices
    • Heat Sensors
    • Door Contacts
    • Vibration sensors
    • Seismic detectors
  • Two or three Movement Time Locks
  • Stainless gold trim package
  • All industry colors