Available Sizes (Standard)

  • 3' x 5'
  • 3' x 6'
  • 3' x 8'
  • 3' x 10'
  • 3' x 12'
  • 3' x 15'

Environmentally Friendly

  • All construction materials used are RoHS compliant. Details available upon request.
  • All painted surfaces are powder coated, releasing no VOCs during manufacture.

IXT BRW Windows

Security Systems Equipment IXT BRW Windows. Manufacturer of a wide range of bullet-resistant window solutions to compliment your drive-up architecture. Frames are constructed of durable stainless steel and glass is available in clear (standard) or bronze tint (optional).

Show Your Colors

Optional color match for exterior stainless steel surfaces to blend in with your building color scheme or to match your institution's marketing program.

Window Construction

Two-piece construction for added security and to ensure proper fit and finish in wall thicknesses from 7" to 16" without modifying either the wall or window.

Window Construction

  • UL Level I Glass
  • UL Level I Thermal Glass
  • UL Level III Glass